5 Things That Make British Contemporary Interior Design a Jaw-Dropping Experience

Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 17:30

5 things that make Brtish design amazing

British design

The present and future of British design

by Marco Polo Decor


1. A classic feel

Tradition is a key element, an essential part of the underlying concept, a core ingredient of the traditional 'British home'.

You ask any designer and they will tell you that decoration starts with a consideration for existing details – that the interior should reflect its surroundings – that context heavily defines good design. Properties built in the Edwardian or Gregorian era are still in demand because of their character and the beauty; the elegance of previous ages might be long gone but It's never forgotten and continues to define modern British design.

In short, the classic feel that is such a definitive element of the British design that it naturally leaves a mark and the ideas born out of that will continue to show the way to designers all over the world.


2. A global outlook

Media systems and appliances, 21st century mod-cons became essential items of comfortable everyday living but at first glannce they don't seem to fit in a classic setting. One of the great achievements of contemporary British décor is that it has become capable of mixing the old with the new – it is a smooth blending of tradition and modernism – a glimpse on the past standing with both feet in the present and ready to adapt to any challenges likely to rise in the foreseeable future. British décor has been and will remain open for global trends – following tradition did not deprive the industry of its rejuvenating potential.

When it comes to bespoke furniture, designers might opt for turning to, in general, British, and in particular, local craftsmen. When we are talking about concepts or the necessary raw materials, or even accessory furniture – there is nothing one wouldn't be able to find on the British market, especially in London. Britain has become a multi-cultural environment – there is room and demand for quality arriving from all over the world.


3. An access to high quality fashion, design and decor

Few will ever question the idea that Italy and France are global hubs of fashion and design. The same is true for decoration, and it is not only the theory and best practice of the Italian masters, it is also the materials produced in the country and exported worldwide. High-end décor requires high quality materials – inconsistent components will spoil perfection no matter how throughout the conception was or how much effort had been invested into creating it.

The days when a wall was simply an obstruction with holes – doors – on it, separating the rooms of the property, are long gone. The walls and the ceiling are nowadays the centrepiece of the image of the room they enclose. It is an indication – they may suggest not only the function of the room, but will be the reflection of a unique lifestyle that has been developed by the owner of the property. In a sense they are the first, the surface layer of the very personality of a home. 

The strong connection between British, French and Italian design, the use of various high-end materials (like Italian Venetian plaster) and decor ensures that British designers with a vision have the means and resources to create something spectacular.


4. A teeming market

There is an eye-catching number of billionaires and multi-millionaires who own properties in Britain; if we consider the number of people who buy properties or start projects in Britain, it becomes apparent that no one should be afraid of catching a nasty cold in the advancing chill. There is a solid demand for the services of any industry and it will not disappear soon, not just because of the constant, ever increasing demand but because of the strenght the British economy and the will of the British people. 


5. A worthy pool of creative professionals

Britain, and especially London, is the place where the gifted gather – such a strong demand and lucrative market has an appeal for many of the established and upcoming décor talents. It really does not take such a huge effort to find the suppliers, companies and ideas of the highest level - no matter whether the raw materials or the experienced brain-power is concerned.

The final touch which makes Britain's design GREAT  is really coming from the depths of their creative geniuses strongly effected by a set of values set up in many cases by the tradition of far away countries.


Taking all these into account, how could anyone debate that Britain, and especially London, is the place where the things happen? If we talk about the standards of high end property decoration, the global standards especially, we can see that Britain raised the flag and will continue to lead for a long time. Not jost to make the glamorous dreams of the wealthy come true, but also to provide British people with beautiful, affordable and enduring solutions.