Tips and hints

Accurate and reliable answers from Marco Polo Decor about the application of Venetian plaster (also called marble or polished plaster) and other Italian decorative finishes

Q: How do I clean Marmorino or Venetian plaster?

A: Properly protected Venetian plasters and Marmorino can be cleaned by wiping.  The appropriate protector always helps the future maintenance of a Venetian plaster.  Alternatively, they can be re-polished.

Q: Can I use marble plaster in wet areas?

A: Yes, some of our marble plasters, can be used in wet areas, including bathrooms and even shower cubicles. To ensure proper water repellence they should be protected with a hydro-repellent and stain resistant protector.

Q: On what kind of surfaces can you apply Venetian plasters to?

A: With the right primer our plasters can be applied over new or existing drywalls, plastered or painted walls, concrete, masonry and wood. All surfaces should be clean, free of dust and stains and should be as smooth as possible, specially for smooth marble plasters like Stucco Veneziano and Grassello di Calce. 

Q: Can Italian plasters be used outside?

A: Yes. Marmorino and Intonachino from our lime based range, Classic and Acrisyl Decora from our acrylic range can be used for exteriors. We recommend to carry the applications during the dry season so the plaster has enough time to dry and harden.

Q: Can stenciling be applied on marble plasters?

A: Yes, with a bit of practice you can create an indented or engraved look with masking tapes or plastic stencils for a stunning effect.

Q: Is Venetian plaster washable?

A: Venetian plaster, once it's protected is lightly washable, but please do not use any detergents. It should be wiped with a moistured sponge, assuming the Venetian plaster has been protected with the appropriate protectors. Without the right protector is can be difficult to clean it as the dirt can get into the pores.

Q: What does "burnishing" mean?

A: Burnishing is a technical term that describes the process of making Venetian plaster or Marmorino glossy. It's done with a special stainless steel trowel that has round edges and sharp blades. 

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