Anti-crack Preperation Coat for Venetian Plaster

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 08:15

A detailed tutorial of how to create an anti-crack preparation coat for Venetian plaster

How to prepare an anti-crack preparation coat for Venetian Plaster or Marmorino?

The preparation of the wall before Venetian plaster application is often underestimated and because of that, the desired finish usually doesn't stay perfect for long. We will show you how to get your wall ready properly.

What you need

  1. Atomo, wall consolidant
  2. Rasamix (white) or Betomarc (grey), anti-contraction
  3. Brush or roller, putty knife, trowel and sponge float, maybe corner trowels and the wall obviously this case partly brick partly blockwork.

The first step 

Dilute the Atomo between 50 to 300%, based on the the porousness of the wall. 2 hours after the application the surface should be slightly silky. When the surface stays matt than the Atomo was too much diluted, when its too glossy it wasn't diluted with enoung water.

The second step

Mix 3 parts of Betomarc (in this case) to 1 part water, and after it's mixed throughly, apply it just to fill the deepest holes.

Third step

After approximately 2 hours the second coat of Betomarc should be applied and surface smoothed with a sponge float.

Final words

The job is done! Not bad for the first time, eh? 

If the air is hot or dry, rinse the surface prior application. The maximum depth of application is 5mms per layer.

Now the surface should be ready for application of the primer for any Venetian plaster or Marmorino.


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