Venetian Plaster Cost

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 10:45

The most common question about Venetian plaster is, how much does material and application cost?

Many people have heard of Venetian or polished plaster but not many can guess the cost.

The cost of Italian plasters is based on the type of plaster, the size and type of the surface, the selected colour and the chosen application, but let us give you some leads based on our selection of plasters!

Glossy (polished) finish

This is one of the most well known Venetian plaster finishes, when the plaster is burnished to achieve a high glossiness. To create a polished, reflective look, a lime-based or acrylic polished plaster should be used. Ideally it should be one of high quality, like CAP Arreghini's Venetian or Colorifico Sammarinese's Luciano.

A smooth semi-gloss or matt finish can be achieved with a special acrylic plaster that can also be used exterior and in wet areas. 

The application cost of these finishes on a two coats application, primer and protector included starts from £36 per square metre. 

The material cost for these finishes for a two coats application, primer and protector included starts from £6 per square metre.

Smooth Marmorino and Travertine (Travertino) finish

This timeless finish is the best choice for wet areas or when you are looking for a textured or classic Venetian plaster look. We use a number of versatile Venetian plasters that can be used to produce these designs.

The application cost of the Marmorino or Travertine finishes starts from £34 per square metre on a two coat application, primer and protector included. To make it waterproof adds about £8 per square metre to the cost.

Cost of material for Marmorino Italian plaster two coats application, primer and protector included starts from £6 per square metre and the extra wetroom protection adds about an additional £4 per square metre.

Metallic plaster finishes

Contemporary or traditional designs can include these stunning metallic decorative finishes. Feature walls with Italian paints can have a stunning iridescence and smooth, silky look.

You can also enrich any surface with pearlescence or corten-steel (rusty) look, we have a number of paints for this purpose!

These application cost of metallic, iridescent, pearlescent or oxidized decorative finishes on a two coats application, primer included start from £30 per square metre.

The cost of the material in case of metallic plasters -on a two coat application, primer included- starts from £6 per square metre.

Final thoughts

The presented base cost does not include wall preparation, towers or any special protection. The cost of application is influenced by the access to the site where the application should be carried out. Generally, as there are hundreds of special applications, these are usually priced according the difficulty of application. All prices presented are VAT excluded.

For more information about finishes and prices, please call our head office at 020 458 1969!