Polished plaster samples

Our Italian Venetian plasters plasters, polished plaster and other metallic decorative finishes offer thousands of design combinations available in any texture, sheen or colour; allowing you to create a unique environment with luxurious design

Our Venetian plasters and other textured, iridescent and metallic wall and ceiling finishes can be applied to flat or curved surfaces of almost any material used in the construction industry, be it wood, plaster, metal, paint or even glass.


With 10+ years of experience in the high-end decorating industry, our Venetian plastering team can help you to realize your vision anywhere around the world, from London to Dubai. Our finishes are extensively featured in Harrods, Selfridges, the Trump Tower, Luton Airport, concept shops and private properties all over the world. 

With 3 master applicators and a team of 15 people, we are always ready to start and finish your project on time. Our project management system combined with insurances in excess of £5M guarantees the quality, durability and look of the finish!

We always use materials of the highest quality with proven traditional and modern methods to apply our eco-friendly Italian finishes.


Our products are eco-friendly with nil of close to 0 VOC levels, many of them ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved with LEED and Life Cycle Assesments. Data and safety sheets with O&M are available for all our designs.


By employing 5 industrial colouring systems for Venetian plasters and our other, bespoke finishes we are able to offer more than 16.000 colours. Furthermore, we can modify the colours, textures and other features according the client's specifications and can also match virtually any colour (RAL, NCS, BS or PANTONE). 

As Venetian plastering can be regarded as more of an applied art the samples seen can be used as a theme guide but may slightly differ on application over large areas due to the hand applied nature of Venetian polished plaster. 

If you like our samples please call 020 8458 1969 to speak with one of our professionals and book an appointment in our showroom or on site.